Monday, October 10, 2016

Child Laborer + Bricks, Haryana, India, March 16, 2015

She is but one of millions bearing the brunt of globalization, making possible the gleaming buildings rising all across the Indian landscape for example. She works in this position all day under the hot sun, turning one brick after another in a seemingly endless line of bricks, as her fragile body moves along the lines gracefully.

Her family came from the northeastern portion of India in search of work, for back home there was even less. She lacks access to a school, medicine, running water, safe housing, electricity and so much more. Her family lives in a small brick room with a corrugated, metal roof... making the interior unbearably hot. The room lacks windows, yet is unable to protect the children from mosquitos, roaches and the like.

She represents a sizable portion of the population, those responsible for harvesting the rare earth elements for the sake of modern phones, for making the bricks necessary for the gleaming high-rises. She is the price society pays for its progress, hers is the pain few in power will ever see.

So while countless politicians argue about what is to be done, she gets up every single day and pays the price for their inaction with her labor, with the loss of her childhood. For her the new school is being introduced, she is our inspiration.


Note: This image was made with a Fuji GA645 system, onto Kodak TMX film.

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