Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Students + Boulders, Village near Kisumu, Kenya, 2007

Some years ago I had the privilege of visiting western Kenya with a foundation by the name of Maragoli Community Development Foundation (MACODEF). My hosts took me from one school to another and we did our best to photograph everyone, and I mean everyone!

People came out of the woodwork, from behind trees and boulders. Just when I thought our session was over, I would look over my shoulder and see a dozen more people lining up to have their portrait made. The idea that people would come to see what was happening, then line up as if a photography studio set up for the afternoon, was incredible!

In this photograph the students were finished with their portraits and were just hanging out while watching the boys being photographed. All had the same uniforms, with some minor variances. Everyone was just so kind, and generous with their time.

Between Kenya, Senegal and Gambia, there are thousands of negatives which have never seen the light of day. This is one for tonight, with more to be shared soon.


Note: This image was made with a Nikon analog system

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