Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Once a Stranger, a Sister Now, Studio, States, January 10, 2010

With Chris is Courtney.

This portrait is made during our second session, a result of happenstance.

While getting her dress together a few minutes earlier, a piece is accidentally removed by Chris, putting a look of a child in trouble on his face.

While loading my film, Courtney places this piece around her neck as natural as can be.
We end up making portraits for about an hour using this piece; the look of trouble on Chris' face is replaced with one of happiness.

This experience takes me back to the photography overseas, where the girls play with pieces of clothing while waiting for their turn. They see my reactions and then act upon them, noticing my attraction to darker pieces of clothing and exchanging between themselves those same pieces.

Courtney and Chris do the same in my studio, going back and forth. They act in the moment, share their enthusiasm with me and show me what it means to give without reservation. The afternoon turns into the evening, the evening into the night, all without notice.
We separate only to join again next weekend.

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