Thursday, January 7, 2010

Courtney, Woman, Photographer, Model, Studio, States, January 2, 2010

A friend asks me tonight, how was your session with Courtney?

My answer is simple: she reminds me of my people overseas, rather than modeling for the camera, she simply tells her story, honestly and without reservation.

On the day of the session, Courtney and Chris arrive to my studio ready to give of themselves from the first moment. We discuss a few concepts and get straight to work.

During this time, Chris takes his space in the back of the room, listening to his music and attending to his work. There is a sense of humility about him, a sense of peace, that supports the photography, that allows it to progress so beautifully.

We move from one concept to another, with Courtney providing her thoughts and absorbing mine. A smile comes across her face when she hears of the children in my portfolio, a bigger smile comes across her face in knowing that they will see her portrait. There is a serenity in this most wonderful of women, even early on in the session.

When she looks to her right or to her left, she sees portraits of girls from India and from Cuba, sees her sisters in the same room, perhaps thinks that they have already seen her.

As the session draws to an end, it is time for Chris to stand for his portrait. Earlier on, he provides his elated consent for such. He graciously removes his shirt, allows us to see his story through the lines on his body. His expressions are steady, calm.

While some tell me of the honor related to being photographed, Chris shows it to me in his mannerisms, in the tone of his voice.

We end the session and make plans for another, just like my work in other countries.

It feels right.

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  1. She is beautiful, all of the people in your photos are. All in their own way. The eyes seem to tell a story.