Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Once a Stranger, a Brother Now, Studio, States, January 10, 2010

He comes along with Courtney the first time to my studio, makes himself almost invisible for the sake of the work. When asked to be photographed, it is with the joy of a child that he accepts.
We make his portrait. The sense of respect that he shows my work is immense, for he notes it in his every word. To join his brothers and sisters from around the world gives him an tremendous sense of pride, of happiness.

This is a man who has much to share with us; the scars on his body are reminders of such.
He visits my studio on two occasions, the latter of which results in the image above. This time around, he is less reserved, less shy. He comes prepared with a change of clothing, he has put some pieces together for the session. He reminds me of the children from my work overseas, taking little for granted.
He teaches me that such humility can be found on both sides of the ocean, in every land.

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