Saturday, January 2, 2010

Young Student, Humana, Banganga, Rajasthan, India, November 13, 2009

We arrive today, with clouds in the sky for the first time. The students are in class, studying under the wonderful supervision of their most remarkable teacher. While other schools watch their teachers come and go, this teacher has been present from the beginning. The excitement is palpable. They see the camera, the bag of photographs. We arrange a mat for the children and then work with what we have in terms of light. From an angle above them, portraits are made, allowing the light to gently strike their faces. Some of them smile, they know me. Some of them are more or less shy, they are new to the school. In this small village, they treat me like a son. They always serve tea, usually four times. This portrait is made while twenty or so of her friends look on. She smiles after a few exposures, her friends giggle to the side. The distance in time from when she sits down to when she makes way for her friends is perhaps about two minutes. In this time, she frowns, she smiles, she laughs, she shows me what it means to give freely, to accept without prejudice.

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