Saturday, March 8, 2014

Syrian + Refugee, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Summer of 2009

She lives in the very first village photographed almost seventeen years ago. This is where my photography began, in this very spot. She is sitting in the Sheikh's tent, the very person responsible for my work in this area. We took a break from working in the sun and made images with indirect light. From this point forward I am repeating this as it was the way I photographed in the beginning anyway. Marvelous children in every tent! 

I need to visit my original homeland soon to at least see her and her Syrian sisters once again. She lives in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and is originally from Syria. She is in Lebanon with her family as migrant workers, doing the best that they can to just survive. She lives in a tent, lacks access to school and struggles on a daily basis just to make ends meet.

This is where my photography began.

She inspires me.

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