Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Claudia + Wet Hair, Pan American Stadium, La Habana, Cuba, Summer of 2013

This is the 385th negative scanned from the first three days on the island, and once again it's a face familiar to all of us. In my mind she cannot do wrong. Here she is showing me yet another expression unseen so far in our collaboration. She is only 13 years old yet exhibits a spirit decades older.

We have worked for three years now, and have become friends from strangers years ago. While many make a single image of a child in the street and walk away, the experience of going back to the same person year after year is unlike any other. She has gifted me expressions behind any measurable value.

When we met we were actually looking for her sister, then she walked into the room and changed my world. She seemed so nonchalant in her response, but it was easy to recognize true passion even at 11 years old. She took hold of the lens' attention and never turned back. 

She lives just outside of La Habana in Cuba, and is one important reason for my return year after year. The purpose of my photography lies within her.