Saturday, March 22, 2014

Model + Pan American Stadium, Havana, Cuba, July 26, 2013

We met at a modeling school in Central Havana and have since then collaborated at the stadium, on the beach and in the streets. Whenever we call she responds in a positive way, always up to the challenge. In this image she stands next to the Pan American Stadium built in 1991 for the games hosted by Cuba.

She brought with her on this day a few outfits and changed while her best friend was photographed. There is a certain quality about this young woman, her eyes are always focused on the lens in spite of the strong sun. She is completely aware of herself, right down to the how her heels contact the pavement.

There is little difference in photographing a model or a girl on the street in Cuba, for their experiences are shared. Perhaps this is the same here, but it is certainly the same on the island. Her house is as humble as many of the girls photographed on the streets. I respect her dreams and hope that our images are as wonderful as any a publication would make.

The headshot is perhaps the most intimidating image to make for the person in front of the camera. In this the young model living on the island of Cuba thrives. From a distance and up close she is in command of the images produced. Rather than looking in the direction of the lens, her eyes glance into the horizon while the sunlight from the other direction produces the contrasts shown here.

I look forward to seeing her in June, giving her these images and the others scanned tonight, while setting up our next collaboration. The next images scanned of her will be the ones from the beach.

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