Sunday, January 5, 2014

Boy + Paint, Humana People to People India, Virat Nagar, India, November 5, 2013

During a visit to a familiar village, we decided to walk around and find new faces to photograph. The host family was quite sweet and allowed me to walk down the road to look for some of the students from the past, as well as others from the village.

Five minutes later we ran across a young girl in front of her house, next to a water well. The magnitude of her smile brought us in to speak with her family, she was irresistible. Her family ended up being as gentle as her, and invited us in with warmth. They even allowed us to photograph her, her older cousin and the rest of the family.

We were in the middle of doing so when this young man walked into the scene. He was shocked to learn that he was as striking as the girls being photographed. He agreed to be photographed and had serious fun in the process.

After the photography we were served wonderfully sweet tea, then headed back to the host's home to bid farewell for the day. Since this afternoon the school for girls has reopened in this village and includes that wonderfully sweet girl from this house.

Humana People to People India has agreed to oversee the schools which have been funded for the next three years through the sale of these images. In four weeks the negatives from this year's visit will have been processed, and I look forward to seeing this young man on film.

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