Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Girl, Banjara Community, Rajasthan, India, November 11, 2013

Over and over again these girls impress me, how they are approached spontaneously and yet they are able to stand in front of dozens of people, mostly men, while providing expressions rarely seen in their own community.

This morning a little woman stepped in front of the lens in a small Community of Banjara. While the older girls found it nearly impossible to do so, she acted without fear. A roll of medium format film was changed yet her fierceness never waivered during the wait. Boys ran all around her, and men showed their disapproval at times, yet she stood her ground.

As the hour of photography passed the men became even more anxious, they wanted their own time… this even after just twenty or so minutes of photography. This almost amazes me as much as her fierceness in that the former never changes, men always want their time even though the photography is designed for the younger members of their community. The children obviously are enjoying themselves, yet the men find it in themselves to put this joy at risk by pushing their own agendas.

While standing for the girls has its own risks, to this day I try to maintain the session for the girls until all are photographed, then move onto the men albeit in a less enthusiastic manner internally. The fact that a smaller, faster camera is being used, added to the color of the images, seems to do the trick most of the time. This time I'm just happy that six girls were photographed before the rush of men overtook the session.

Tomorrow a wedding takes place and I may accept their invitation to attend. Hopefully I'll be able to make it, and see her under different circumstances.

Halim Ina Photography