Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jaedon + Abandoned Home, Los Angeles County, California, 2017

Five days ago was my third session with the incomparable Jaedon. Every time I reach out, she accepts without reservation. Nothing needs to be stated regarding the wardrobe, and she is willing to drive out much earlier so that we could find the best spots. On top of it all, she always brings the tastiest snacks along, and of course healthy!

The abandoned home in this image was found first, to the side of the road on our way to El Mirage. She spotted a group of homes, and we turned off of the main road to explore. This one was just perfect, and we set up our cameras immediately.

Her jacket was more than beautiful, for it had meaning beyond its esthetic. She shared the story behind it, making the images that much more memorable for us. Our dear friend Ian came along for the ride, and through his support we were able to make images and have fun along the way.

From here we drove to a Joshua Tree, found a TV tossed to the side of the road, and then made it to the dry lake bed at El Mirage... our favorite place by far. We stopped at the entrance to the lake so that Ian can get behind the wheel... to see his excitement as he raced along the cracked surface. On our way back, Jaedon took the wheel and guided us slowly as the sun set for the evening.

These are the moments for which I am deeply thankful, and these are the kind of people for whom my photography is dedicated. It is my intention to return next year, and to document Jaedon's priceless spirit for the fourth time.

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3, mounted alongside a Hasselblad V system for an immediate, digital image.

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