Thursday, January 19, 2017

Young Woman + Puppy, Countryside of Cuba, 2015

One day Alejandro and I drove out into the countryside looking for something new, and happenstance led us to this house and this young woman on our way back. We had almost given up after an hour or so of driving, and made our way to the spot where the sun was still shining, in between clouds rolling in from both sides. About 20 minutes before the sun was blocked by the clouds we stopped to photograph this house, and encountered a group of incredible people.

They had been visiting the man living in the house, and were on their way back home when we walked towards them. We first asked to photograph the home, and the handsome man allowed us to do so. Alejandro knew my technique and knew that the next question would be to photograph the inhabitants of the house. We moved onto that question and not only did the man allow us to photograph him, but the young women also allowed us.

As the rain started to come down on me and the camera the portraits were made. The sun was still shining, and the women refused to leave until their portraits were made. So we did so, all the while one of my tripod legs was dangerously close to the nest of a chicken guarding her eggs. I kept one eye to the ground on my left, and one eye on the people in front of the camera, while my mind was thinking of the rain and hoping that the lens was clear of water.

It was a beautiful moment, and I do hope that we can make it back to that home to provide the photographs from two years ago. Alejandro of course remembers every single home we visit, and it is my belief that we will make it this summer!

Note: This image was made with a Hasselblad 555 ELD/100 mm combination onto Kodak 100 TMX film.

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