Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Refugee + Bucket + Home, Uttar Pradesh, India, November, 2013

She stood for this image in an unfinished home, in the middle of running for water. This is the camp in which she lives now, far away from her village. She was removed from her village through violence yet very little of such has made it to the media. The government has never set foot in these camps while private citizens with very little have given infinitely more.

Only the local communities have given of their lands for the refugees, in many instances signing over their land permanently for the sake of these families. They have begun humble housing projects and have in many cases also started more permanent, brick houses. Still formal action has been non-existent. Rather than depend on others, the people of this area have taken it upon themselves to do for their bothers and sisters in need. 

While I am once again shocked at the brutality handed out by one community to another, the acts of recovery witnessed by me have given me hope that one day we will think of this little girl before striking down our brothers and sisters from another community.


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