Friday, January 3, 2014

Woman + Sex Trade, Kanjar Community, Nirvanavan Foundation, Alwar, Rajasthan, November, 2013

This older woman has lived within the sex trade for her entire life, and is the staunchest supporter of Nirvanavan Foundation and its important work within her village. From the first day of my visit six years ago to this past November, she was there to help with the girls and also to make sure that any objections were silenced.

In her community almost all of the girls are intended for the sex trade, as early as the age of ten. They are sent to brothels in the big cities, to far away lands like the Gulf States and are highly sought after in their own region. The foundation has done great work and continues to do so in the midst of an extremely difficult environment. There is a need as the leader of the foundation likes to tell me now and then.

A need indeed.

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