Monday, January 13, 2014

Refugee + Store + Camp, Uttar Pradesh, India, November, 2013

This young man from the camp has done what he can do to support his family, and opened the only store in the camp. Like the rest living in this small collection of tents, he has lost his home and some of his community members to the recent bout of violence in Uttar Pradesh. Incredibly the government is nowhere to be seen, with the only good work being accomplished by the local villagers and some good people from Delhi, including the Zakat Foundation of India.

The thoughts regarding these images are quite complicated, being quite aware of my good fortune in relation to the very people living in these camps. My purpose was and is clear, to share these images and the stories that go along with them, hoping to gain assistance for this community. Sharing these images will go a long way to doing so, perhaps reaching those in power to do more.

Note: This image was made with a hand-held Sony RX100M2, edited for size and contrast a bit.

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