Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Girl + Refugee, Uttar Pradesh, India, November, 2013

After this image both batteries were exhausted and we were unable to make more. We tried to charge the camera using the camp's electrical system, a car battery, and I felt a jolt through the camera body and into the plan of my left hand. The children were thankful for what we were able to do however, since we photographed all with the film camera prior to having fun in this little spot. 

My time in the refugee camps was made possible through my dear friend, Asrar Ahmad. He traveled with me on several occasions, leaving his family behind in Delhi to work with the refugees. He slept away from his family in unfamiliar territory, and got up at the break of dawn just to arrive at the camps as the sunrise approached for the best light. I appreciate everything that he did on behalf of these beautiful people and hope that my images do justice to our efforts. We will soon see.


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