Friday, October 26, 2012

Student, Smile, Humana People to People India, Rajasthan, India, November, 2009

The young girl above lives in Banganga, Rajasthan and was a student of a Humana People to People Girls Bridge School in her village. She has been photographed by me on at least four occasions, alongside her friends and neighbors.

In our efforts to reopen her school, we have found friendly ears within Humana People to People India. The good people of this organization have listened and have let me present thoughts regarding the schools. They have gracefully accepted the idea and offered help on their side in order to make schools a reality once again for her and others like her.

Just this week a young woman named Ann Averbach reached out to me with a wonderful idea. She and her team are opening a second yoga studio in Santa Barbara and have offered their space as an educational center, as a gallery and as a source of possible financial support for my work; and these five schools are an integral part of my work presently.

The name of her efforts is DiviniTree Yoga and she hopes to open the doors to the space starting the first week of 2013. Should you live in the area, or perhaps have an interest in this collaboration, then you may feel free to contact me through the information listed below. My website has been redesigned by the original designer, Patrick Luu, and contains links to the various foundations from my past photographic work as well as my present ventures in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Next month we will collaborate in documenting Ann's team of instructors, and hope to produce images worthy of this collaboration. We will then produce a show in her space which reflects this collaboration, images from next month mixed with images from Africa and Asia, as well as the Americas.

I certainly look forward to my California visit next month, and to a lifetime collaboration with Ann. On behalf of the young girl above I share my gratitude for being allowed this opportunity.
Halim Ina Photography

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