Friday, October 19, 2012

Markeya Carlita, The Film Images, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, Los Angeles, California, September 16, 2012

These are a sampling of the film images from my session with Markeya Carlita at El Mirage Lake, just outside of Los Angeles. This was my third time at this location in less than one week and, with great thanks to the officials on the property, we were able to find a secluded spot far away from the recreational activities for which this lake bed is known.

We parked on private property just outside of the lake bed, with the generous owner giving us his permission to do so. I set the equipment up, while Markeya and her dear good friend went about arranging the various outfits for the session. She brought a suitcase holding an incredible amount of clothing, everything from heels to jackets to dresses to various accessories, all to the specifications agreed upon before this meeting.

The sky was clear and the sun just perfect. We worked slowly, beginning with the more abstract positions, then moved onto the closer, more intimate portraits. Markeya never did stop, she moved from one creative position to another at the sound of the shutter being released. She did so without complaining, but rather saw this an opportunity to create a magical body of images.

In between changes, we admired the silence of the place... and the magnificence of the lake surface. It seemed that someone must have come beforehand and swept it for the session. The small tumble weed from a few days earlier was still there, and reminded me that perhaps we have found the perfect studio for my time in Los Angeles.

Halim Ina Photography

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