Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Last Day in Cuba, Santa Maria del Mar, September 2, 2017

Everyone thought it was crazy to have a session the morning of my flight, especially in light of the session's complexity. We made plans to document three young models and in the stylings of Yudel R. Contreras Garcia. This meant that our trusted driver had to leave his home at 5:00 in the morning to arrive at the first home by 5:30, then visit two other homes before heading out to the racquetball courts.

It was just too beautiful of a session to miss and to experience alone, so with humility we invited three wonderful photographers to come along, Alejandro and Ernesto and Eduardo. All three had connections with these young women, from a neighbor to a cousin to a photographer who had documented them previously with me.

We were of course fortunate to have in front of us the most talented models on the island, from Anays to Anny to Yaniris. We arrived twenty minutes ahead of sunrise and had enough time to arrange the pieces by Yudel along with each model's make-up. Four photographers were present along with three models, and made for an interesting session to write the least.

At first two of the photographers were a bit timid, perhaps due to the level of professionalism that these models possessed. Their shyness disappeared pretty quickly however, as the photography began. We had three dresses by Yudel, and the young women worked flawlessly together to be photographed in all three dresses. Time flew by while models and photographers used all aspects of the space, while respecting each other's creativity.

The entire time we couldn't believe how much fun everyone was having, it was perhaps the best going away present that anyone could have given me. I am indebted to these beautiful women, and to the friends who were able to help make this happen!

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.