Saturday, October 11, 2014

Three Students + The Sky, Haryana, India, Late 2006

Earlier this morning two young girls from Delhi asked for their photographs from six years ago, and it got me to look through the folder from that year. So many years have passed and these children have never been visited by me since that first year. My time with the foundation decreased and their school happened to be a few hours from the capital.

I wonder what has happened to them? Have they continued their education?

One year we did visit their school intending to photograph them, only to find out that they had taken a field trip to Delhi to visit a museum. It looks like we crossed paths on the road between the city and their school. A lack of communication was to blame, since the people from the foundation failed to contact the school in advance.

Now a Turkish organization has purchased the school and transformed it incredibly. There is a playground, a computer lab and the buildings have been refreshed with a wonderful color scheme. I will visit the school next year, and look for these very children.

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