Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dancer + Hands, La Habana del Este, Cuba, August 5, 2013

Many times it is better to include words of another to describe one's work, and here is one such example:

'WOW! I see such exquisite images of birds dancing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Great work from both of you! It never ceases to amaze me the beauty you present!'

'This is a universal message the world can see and understand regarding the internal beauty and humanity this woman can express without a word spoken. No English needed, universal beautiful humanity...... I'm hypnotized.'

These are the words of Tracey McDaniel, and impressed me deeply this evening. Upon reading them I asked if they could be used in this entry, and she responded with total enthusiasm. I am proud to know her and her daughter, and look forward to photographing her entire family one day soon.
Halim Ina Photography

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