Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best Friends + Dancers, La Habana, Cuba, July of 2012

They are the best of friends, have grown up together in the same neighborhood, attend the same schools and enjoy dance classes in the same company. Their names begin with the same letter and they are of the same age. They are inseparable yet present incredibly unique personalities to the camera.

One day as Alejandro, Eldo and I were heading back home after looking for a photographic location on the famous walkway. We spotted the young woman above walking around with two older woman. She was dressed in her ballet costume and the older women were trying to make images as the sun set with a compact camera. We talked with them for a few minutes, shared our portfolio and then assisted them with a few photographs as their camera had run out of batteries. We shared our information with them and hoped that they would call us later in the week to arrange a photographic session.

The days passed and we never heard from them, thought that perhaps they changed their minds. Then one day upon returning to the home we received a message that they had called and were interested in the photography. We talked to them and at the last minute asked if perhaps another dancer would be interested, giving each dancer a chance to rest a bit during the session. We made plans for a morning and provided them the benefit of Alejandro's transportation to a private spot for the photography.

We picked them up early one morning and headed out to the wonderful Pan American Stadium once again to their surprise. They had perhaps passed by this stadium numerous times without thinking that one day it would be their backdrop. We then proceeded to work for the next two hours under the hot sun and with the most courageous of young women. The portraits above are from early on in the session, as the sun was just rising, allowing them to be photographed with a more subtle light.

I very much look forward to handing each young woman her own album in less than four weeks, and to arranging more exciting venues for sessions this July/August.
Halim Ina Photography