Monday, June 29, 2009

Advaita Garden, Nirvanavan Foundation, 2007

The photography is finished for the day, we sit and wait for our driver to return. To the side of the school, tea is being prepared with one complication however, milk is lacking. Being the end of the day, there is a good chance that a supply of milk will be walking by at any moment.

Just then, a local herder and his animals walk by. The person preparing the tea runs to the road, has a very short conversation, then begins collecting the milk with the owner's permission. Just when he thinks he has enough, the supply runs out. He then gets up and runs three to four animals forward to fill the metal container. He returns with a smile, adds the milk to the tea and serves it with everyone smiling.

This image is made during our time waiting at Advaita Garden, the model school of the Nirvanavan Foundation. This small school serves the children of two villages who would otherwise lack access to a good education. As of today, the school has added another class and yet another teacher. The villagers have further made improvements by finishing the walls of the open area, placing a roof, building two new smaller classrooms distinct from the larger school building and constructing a beautiful cow shed, all with its own water supply and room for a caretaker.

Nirvanavan Foundation is working hard to 'establish' this school as a model center for learning.

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