Monday, June 8, 2009

Prostitution, India, Nirvanavan Foundation, 2008

After the women and girls of the Nat and Kanjar Communities had seen their portraits and experienced our photography, Nirvana Bodhisattva of Nirvanavan Foundation was kind enough to share his thoughts with us. He speaks of their reactions to the work and how this has affected the project as a whole.

Interview with Nirvana Bodhisattva

Q: How did the girls feel about their photographs?

They were very, very happy and there is a definite change of attitude. At Ramgarh a few of the sex-workers also came to the show. Which meant a lot. Your work has certainly made an impact. We can now work to build on it.

Q: What did the presence of the sex-workers mean?

The presence of the sex-workers meant that they have come out of their shells and will be ready to photograph themselves when you come next. I have asked the teachers to make a local committee mainly of women and particularly sex-workers who will look after the school. This will generate more interest in them and they may ask their younger sisters to go to school.

Q: Have any improvements been made as a result of the photography?

I am sure that we will be able to open all the closed schools. The new session begins from July. We will have three new schools this year. We will establish them first before we open the last two.

Nirvana Bodhisattva
Chairperson, Nirvanavan Foundation