Friday, November 23, 2018

Shanu + Fabric, Virat Nagar, Rajasthan, India, 2018

She goes by her nickname and is an inspiration in class. Even though she's unable to speak, she expresses herself perfectly. She loves to be photographed, and freezes when she sees the camera. Usually she focuses immediately on the lens and makes her way to a spot in front of the camera.

I have been photographing in her village for over 12 years now, well before she was born. She has grown up in the school and has always known this strange man coming by to document. Now she is the inspiration behind the posts to locate funding for her school, and the others as well.

On this day we attempted to do some photography of the girls living next to the building in the background, but attracted just too much attention to be effective. So we decided to call it a day and began walking back to the teacher's home.

This is when we noticed the beautiful light and decided to put the camera down right there and then. Shanu of course noticed the camera and put herself together immediately. This is her expression when she notices the camera, total and complete focus!

We photographed her for a few minutes while she maintained this intensity while all others looked on. We then walked down the path a little bit and made some spontaneous photographs of the rest of the crowd.

She is something else!


Note: This image was made with a Hasselblad 503 CW/100 mm lens combination and scanned through the protective sleeve for review only.

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