Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nurhayat + Metal Rod, İzmir, Turkey, 2013

Last night I happened upon a post on her IG feed and it inspired me to look back at our collaboration five years ago. While we visited her university at first to document a dance program, it became clear to me immediately that Nurhayat was more than just a dancer.

From dance to the visual arts to music, she exuded creativity period. So one afternoon whenmy colleagues were finished with their dance program, Nurhayat and her friends came with me to an adjacent, empty lot for a photographic session.

This was then she picked up this metal rod and went on to create with it. In her hands the metal rod was magical, and it seemed that it bent to her will. Her eyes were closed for a few exposures, and one could sense the intensity of her emotion as she moved from one position to another.

Nurhayat and her friends will always have my sincerest appreciation, for they are my brothers and sisters in neighboring Turkey.


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