Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Magnificent Tamy, La Habana, Cuba, 2018

Four images are being shared because one would fail to represent her power in front of the lens. A few years ago I was honored with our first collaboration, and this past summer Tamy elevated that honor to a new level by graciously allowing me once again to document her incomparable spirit.

We photographed in the countryside for our first session, and decided to photograph in the city for our second. On both occasions of course she was ready in advance and needed nothing in order to be prepared. Her selection of clothing was perfect as well as her presentation.

On this morning we drove out to the Spanish Embassy to begin our work, and the security guard was more than impressed with the elegance of our subject. It was noticeable on his face as I thanked him for his permission to use the space. We exposed four rolls and then moved onto an apartment building perhaps three blocks away.

The columns, while more recent than the embassy, are just as majestic. It so happened that a young woman was washing the floor, and allowed us to photograph while she was working. It made for the most beautiful reflection, while at least two dozen onlookers enjoyed Tamy's performance in public.

At this time the sun was getting a bit warm, but Tamy allowed us to continue onward to the National Museum of Fine Art. She used the beautiful columns there once again, as well as the shadows in between. It was a proper ending to a most incredible session... and made my last week on the island a true blessing.


Note: These images were made with a Fuji XT-2 with the 56 mm XF lens.

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