Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Young Woman, Rama, Nicaragua, December of 2017

This young woman's portrait was made as we attempted to cross the country in search of the eastern coastline. It seemed like nobody knew the way, it was clear to me that few had made their way from one coast to the other.

When my parents lived in Nicaragua they had never ventured that far, and my cousins living in the country now have never attempted it. Some told us that there was a road, while some told us that the only way was by plane.

So one day we just decided to head east and see for ourselves. The landscape was as beautiful as any seen through my travels, pristine and lush with lakes and volcanoes. This was in contrast to the hardships people faced in the countryside. There are the cities, and then there are the villages.

After half a day of driving, we ended up in the port city of Rama. We looked at the map and it told us that we could continue for a few hours and find our way to the eastern coast. So we followed the map on the phone, all the while my friend kept telling me that it was impossible.

After thirty minutes of driving through the outskirts of the city we ended up at the end of the road, a narrow crossing over a river. Just past the river was a small village consisting mainly of wooden homes. We finally realized that the map was suggesting that we head to the coastline on a canoe down that river.

On the bright side the village was sublime, and the people walking by us welcomed us to visit. So we did and ended up speaking with this young woman's family and friends. It was too late to do any photography, so we promised to return the next morning. We did return and had the most incredible of mornings with the photography.

The home we used was incredibly beautiful, and the children gathering around us were so sweet. The adults of course accompanied the children and supported us fully, even though just the day before we were only strangers to each other.

Johana and I have since become friends and speak often via messenger. She is continuing her education at the capital, and doing her best in order to provide for herself and her family. I admire her sincerely, and am thankful for being accepted in such a way by her community.

I look forward to seeing her and her community later this year, and doing even better for them.

Note: This was made with a Hasselblad V system, 503 CW and a 100 mm lens combination.

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