Sunday, March 8, 2015

Young Student + Chalkboard, Humana People to People India, Haryana, India, 2014

After a successful weekend at Ten Thousand Villages with Laura Potter-Sadowski and team, here is a fitting testimonial from a student in one of our schools in Haryana, as supplied with a portrait from Humana People to People India. For those generous enough to contribute this weekend, you have my sincerest gratitude and that of this beautiful girl.

Pinky, a bright eyed, cheerful and carefree girl, from Ghasera village is 13 years old, and when asked the reason for not attending school, she cited distance as a major hindrance. On talking to her parents, they affirmed that distance is an issue, coupled with Pinky’s disinterest in studies. When the Centre staff coaxed her parents to send her to the Girls Bridge Education Centre, they were unsure of Pinky’s willingness to attend and continue. However, they took a chance by enticing her about the prospective friends and fun at the Centre and enrolled her.

Her previous education has helped her remember some number counting and the English alphabets. The teachers have been very tactful with her, as they kept her involved in drawings and games initially and when she started liking the place, they started with the teaching. Her inherent notoriousness comes at the forefront during the breaks, but she has grown sensible enough to be her decent self during teaching sessions. She is not a very quick learner but an otherwise creative child, who likes
to interact with all the children.

She has been attending the Centre for close to 9 months now, and her parents are happy that she hasn’t complained much about not attending the Centre and is spending her time in a constructive activity. They hope that she gradually becomes sincere in studies, which can help transform her life for better.

Note: Image and story courtesy of Humana People to People India.