Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Migrant + Slum, Humana People to People India, Gurgaon, India, March of 2015

Today we spent the morning with the Humana People to People India team in the Amar Colony of Gurgaon, India. The team was incredibly dedicated, met me in front of the slum as the sun appeared over the horizon, then walked with me through a field of garbage as far as the eye can see until we arrived to the center of the slum. The families were more than receptive, offered a bench for our tools and organized the girls first for the morning of photography.

Humana People to People India is running a Step Up Center in this colony for its children, and after the images were made I witnessed first-hand the children in their classes. A local has offered the space without charge, and it also happens to be a temple with the kindest of holy men present. As the children recited their lessons, his facial expressions were worthy of his status in the society.

She was one of the last to be photographed, as we put our gear away to move onto the temple. She was magnificent, truly powerful in her presentation. I look forward to seeing her images later, and to presenting her story to the corporation in charge of the funding to continue this incredible work.


  1. Just wanted to say that the pictures are amazing! Beautiful expressions of human form captured passionately. The stories are equally interesting. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I am honored to have received your words dear colleague, and even more so for having your attention regarding the image and the story behind it… thank you for making the time to do so!

  2. http://www.bms.com/togetherondiabetes/china-india/partners/Pages/humana-people-to-people.aspx