Saturday, March 7, 2015

Benefit + Ten Thousand Villages, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, March 6, 2015

Tonight this young girl received one of the best gift a child can ask for, a chance at a quality education. So many of my good friends, and family, came through this evening at Ten Thousand Villages and through their generosity one school is now funded for an entire year. We hope that many more will show up tomorrow and make this event even more successful!
To those present tonight, and your humble selves know your identities, I send my deepest gratitude through this portrait of a student presently attending classes near Virat Nagar, Rajasthan. This is the face that will be in my dreams tonight as I sleep well knowing we succeeded in making a difference in her world.
Thank you Laura at Ten Thousand Villages for allowing the images to be shown in your beautiful space!

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