Thursday, October 2, 2014

Timothy + Fabric + Wind, Palmdale, California, Fall of 2012

These images have remained dormant since they were made almost three years ago just outside of Los Angeles, California. I met this young man through a modeling website, yet our collaboration was completely spontaneous. After a morning session with a dear friend at Mormon Rocks, we talked to Timothy and found out that he was free for the afternoon. I turned to Magdalena and she showed serious interest in hanging out for the rest of the day with us, and so we decided to drive out to meet Timothy near his sister's home.
He had taken the time out of his day to walk up a mountain nearby and send us images of the view. We were enchanted with the images, and the fact that he did this for us. We picked him up and drove to the location, and up the mountain for the afternoon. The wind was dramatic and lent its character to the images below. This is the first time he is seeing these, and I hope that he is as thrilled as I am.

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