Monday, October 20, 2014

Refugee + Pond, Uttar Pradesh, India, November of 2013

This is one face the crowd will see, this is one expression that is undeniable!

This young spirit lives in a refugee camp just outside of my host's village. Her family escaped the horrors of the sectarian violence in her home town, and they have found some solace in this region of Uttar Pradesh. The locals have given their lands for their use, and the families have done the best that they can do, made simple homes and have begun finding work.

The circumstances are dire, since even the people living in this region are quite poor and live life hand to mouth on a daily basis. So we can only imagine how hard it must be for this exquisite child, and others in the camp.

The only thing separating the family from the elements is a thin sheet of plastic covering their sleeping space. While the scene is quite beautiful naturally, schools are non-existent and the basics are luxuries.

Access to medicine is as illusionary as the safety of the water in the distance. I cannot express sufficiently with words the extent of their hardships, and hope that this image begins the conversation more clearly.

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