Friday, September 19, 2014

Ballerina + Models, Santa Maria Del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2014

Sitting here in the coolness of my apartment made me want to post something a bit warmer. What is almost unimaginable for me is that these images were made less than four weeks ago, in a place words apart from here. Yet these images were made in the same time zone, less than four hours flight from this very spot!
Two genres were combined here, that of modeling and that of ballet. The participants, two new and one most familiar, meshed seamlessly and without hesitation. The water was so warm, and perfectly calm allowing for such images near the surface of the sand.
Wearing shorts and sitting down in the water alongside them was magical, felt like one with these three spirits. The older models were so gentle with the young ballerina, and this moved me deeply. In some of the images all posed together, and in some two took turns to present various combinations to the lens.
The beach has come to represent endless possibilities to me, just as it does to the Cubans.


  1. Love the composition of tere last one. The seamless sky and ocean, the small wave the clouds then their shadows make it all look so perfectly yin yang. Superb.

    1. You my dear brother are very much appreciated, as is your wisdom relating both to the images and to life in general.