Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Amanda, Six Years Apart, La Habana & Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, 2008 & 2014

Who would have thought that a spontaneous, street portrait would have led to photographing her in the sea more than six years later? Since then her life has changed dramatically, very much like her hair. Back then she was the center of attention in her family, and deservedly so. She attended a prestigious school for ballet in front of which her first portrait was made.

Since then she has passed that most important of birthdays in Cuba, 15. She has left the school yet retained the grace and presence visible from her first portrait. Her hair is now a remarkably beautiful length, even though she is trying desperately to grow it as fast as possible. She now has a little brother who has naturally become the center of the family, yet she accepts this in a most selfless manner.

One thing has not changed in all of these years, and it is my desire to continue her photographic documentation. I continue to admire and adore her spirit, and have made this very clear to her. The latest portrait was made this past July, toward the end of our session. We entered the water together and had fun making images in the sea. Overwhelming her stare is, and I look forward to a more creative exploration of such next summer.


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