Thursday, September 20, 2012

Markeya, East Coast Meets West Coast, Model, El Mirage Lake, Los Angeles, California, September 16, 2012

From her first message to the texts on the day of the session, Markeya shows nothing but respect. Point after point is presented to her and is agreed upon without resistance. Whether it is her wardrobe or the location, my suggestions are accepted with an open mind.

On the day of our session she suggests to us that her friend can bring her to the location, saving us the distance and expense of going her way. She agrees to head out a bit early and we meet on the other end of the lake, at the suggestion of the park ranger. The dry lake bed happens to be closed due to some recent storms.

On the other side of the lake bed access is possible with a public road. We drive up to a home at the perfect spot and meet a man named George. In our approach to his home there are multiple, disheartening signs regarding access, permission and so forth. Rather than turning around we continue forward and meet George. Before my door is opened he waves his finger in a negative direction and shrugs his shoulders. I almost turn around but then get out of the car to ask his permission to approach the lake bed from his territory.

His first words are actually in the form of a joke, and this makes me feel more comfortable. It seems that he is quite the jokester and is more than kind, allowing us to park in front of his home and to access the lake from his land. He tells us a bit about himself, and about other photographers that come to his place. Pieces of cars, planes, boats and so forth sit on his land, making it quite the location.

With his permission we pull up and discuss our plan for the day. We begin with the distant images, and plan on working closer as the sun begins to set. Markeya pulls out a most impressive suitcase filled with clothing, accessories and so forth, all organized in different compartments. As with our email exchanges, she listens to my suggestions and we agree upon a sequence regarding her wardrobe.

The cars are parked perhaps fifty meters from the location, and I head out to set up the equipment in advance of her appearance on the lake bed. The skies are beautifully clear and the silence is intoxicating. We work for the next two hours, and she shows me an exquisite range of movements, never once complaining about the sun or the heat.

We end the session with success and head out for a small meal. On our way to the restaurant Markeya immediately puts together a collage and posts it to her circle of friends. Her excitement is palpable, and contagious. We exchange information, she receives her images on a disc and we go our separate ways.

I look forward to the film images and to a long-term, creative relationship with this incredible woman.

Halim Ina Photography

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