Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eleanor, Musician, Engineer, Activist, Model, Los Angeles, California, September 16, 2012

On this beautiful morning in Los Angeles we arrive an hour before our session to look for a white wall near Eleanor's home. Bailey and I arrive before the sun has even appeared, and approximate the direction of the rising sun. We drive away from the center of the city and look for open spaces. We find three or four and make notes of their locations.

Then we send a text to Eleanor and advise her that we are ready for her. She meets us downstairs across from her building, in front of a coffee shop. We then drive to our locations and then decide on one that is both less busy and more open. Eleanor is immediately ready, and prepared herself as desired by me. Her hair has a most delicate quality to it, and flows beautifully in the wind.

We begin with close images to record her features with the rising sun. She moves from one expression to another with ease, and seems to follow my direction without ever hearing them, since they are never spoken by me. We are on the same page, she smiles then plays with the lens with sincere respect. She understand my work and has a deep respect for the people within it.

We then move onto making images with movement, and from a distance. She stands on the sidewalk and I walk into the street. Cars pass by and go around the camera without interrupting our work. People also walk by and show only respect to us.

Eleanor tells us the story behind this flag, and surprises us with the details behind her acquisition of it. It fills me with pleasure to represent her and her thoughts, and hope that people will approach these images with open minds. Rather than write for Eleanor and paraphrase her views, I will present her images and let them speak for themselves.

The images above are the work of my dear friend, Bailey, and were made at the same time as my work with the film camera.

After our session we drive back to her apartment and she treats us with her generosity. Here is a young woman being asked to spend her Sunday morning with us working for two hours and here is a young woman that gives us even more rather than expecting anything in return.

Her voice will speak for her and can be found below.

Rooftop Revolutionaries

Halim Ina Photography

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