Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kylee, Model, Mother, Sister, El Mirage Lake, Los Angeles, California, September 14, 2012

Having just returned from Los Angeles, my focus now turns to reflection rather than production of images. The next few entries will highlight the beautiful spirits met during my time on the west coast, and documented through my photography.

Needless to say many messages are sent to various women near the Los Angeles area, yet only a small percentage respond. Out of these responses, even less continue the conversation and even fewer make it their intent to realize a collaboration.

The young woman above is named Kylee and our session almost never happens. After exchanging an incredible number of messages and happily so, she learns of a complication in her schedule that makes her unable to collaborate with me. She is palpably sad in her messages to me, and only confirms my thoughts about her, that she is a most genuine person.

As it happens the afternoon of that same day is open and this is shared with her. Pure joy is her reaction and we revise our time to meet about one hour away from the agreed-upon location of our session. From my first email correspondence through the messages exchanged this evening, this most beautiful spirit has shown me nothing but love, kindness and understanding. She loves the people in my portfolio and is kind enough to donate her time to the work. In her understanding of their stories, she confirms her status as a sister to the people in my portfolio.

Rather than complain about the distance, she drives on her own and comes along with me for the final leg of the trip. Rather than demand a stylist and a make-up artist, she offers her wardrobe and goes out of her way to purchase specific pieces for the session. Rather than worry about her hair, she allows me to wet it completely and cover her face with the very mud of the lake bed.

Needless to write, the temperature on the lake bed is difficult to take and even more so when we are working. Instead of complaining while she is performing demanding movements, she smiles and continuously exclaims: 'awesome!'

On our way to El Mirage Lake, we run across a tumbleweed and decide to bring it along with us, and it seems to fit into our session perfectly. The shape of it dances within the spaces between her limbs, and this is done spontaneously.

In her own words written tonight:

'From the moment that I saw your portfolio I knew that you were not just a photographer I wanted to work with, you were a photographer I needed to work with. I felt the passion and love in each and ever one of your photos and I could see your dedication along with your bright and righteous spirit. It shined through all of your images. I could only imagine what we could create together and I knew that working with you would bring something unique to my portfolio, it did way more than that. The images captures are beyond AWESOME and I can not wait until your next trip to L.A.'

The above words are further proof of her selfless nature, and her desire to give rather than to take. I look forward to working with Kylee in the near future and following her with my camera for life.

Halim Ina Photography

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