Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kittie, Sister, Model, Studio, Cleveland, Ohio, February 10, 2012

Near the end of the session, she steps into the other room to change her presentation and comes out transformed. Rather than easing into the end of a hard three hours, she shows me the meaning of dedication and gives me yet another perspective of her beautiful spirit.

This is our second collaboration, with many more to come. She respects the people in my portfolio and sees them as her brothers and sisters. When asked to bring timeless pieces to our sessions, her only concern is to keep the number of outfits manageable. We are on the same page, the same paragraph and certainly close to the same sentence.

She understands my need for dark pieces. Everything she brings along is just perfect. She listens beautifully and compliments the collaboration rather than forcing it.

Her boyfriend, a brother to me, adds yet another dimension to our session. While working his presence reminds me of a guitar in my home, unused for over twenty years. I go into the next room and bring it out for him to see. The joy in his eyes is clearly visible.

He is amazed that such an instrument has been dormant for so long. He replaces the broken string, tunes it effortlessly by ear and then begins to play for us. In an instant it comes to me that he might be interested in a collaboration, his music to my upcoming short film. I share this with him and he responds immediately. He asks me about the mood of the film, about the subject matter.

A few minutes later he begins playing a piece composed on the spot. It's as if he read my mind, listened to the hearts of the people in my portfolio. It is these moments that make this work my purpose in life. What else is needed?

I find the answer to this simple: nothing.
Halim Ina Photography

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