Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ainsley and Julia, Studio, Cleveland, Ohio, January 27, 2012

Before we arrange for our session, this young model goes out of her way to send images of her outfits and of her vision for the collaboration. Rather than sending a few vague adjectives, she lays out the pieces of clothing and makes individual images for me to see.

She accommodates my schedule, is driven by a loyal friend named Julia from a great distance, and allows me to photograph her until quite late in the night. Upon being lost on the way up, rather than turning around and going back home without calling me, they drive for a considerable amount of time until they are able to get a hold of me. They maintain their composure and present with an enthusiasm that allows the session to proceed without a single issue.

She lays out her pieces once again for me to see, and changes from one to another without a single complaint. We listen to their choice of music, and make images along the way. In her first session with me a level of communication is achieved that at times takes several sessions. We finish the collaboration by sharing a few prints, then bid farewell until our next session.

Over the next two weeks or so, she maintains contact with me, shares our images through her social network, and does so proudly. She assures me that she would like nothing better than to perform once again for my camera, and is honored to be included in my family of portraits.

The fact is that she is a sister to those in my portfolio and has the humility to assume the honor.

We will be collaborating once again this Friday and I look forward to what she brings to the session.
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