Saturday, February 17, 2018

Anyel + Gysleda + EGOS, Havana, Cuba, Summer of 2017

Last summer was a difficult one in Cuba, but one bright spot was my collaboration with Gysleda and her wonderful school for modeling EGOS. While in the past it has been an incredible source of creativity, this past summer our collaborative efforts went even further.

One such example of such creativity is a young woman named Anyel. She has taken part in EGOS for a few years now, as well as in my photography. Her ability to transform in front of the lens is exceptional, and she presents herself with genuine humility. When asked to be photographed she embraces the opportunity.

On a few occasions last summer Gysleda asked me to photograph a group of models in the streets of Havana. We would meet at the school and then head out into the streets. Walking around with a dozen beautiful spirits was quite the experience, as it was the first time I saw tourists put their phones down and actually look at Cubans.

So we walked around looking for good light, and interesting backgrounds. When we found both we'd stop and all would gather around. Gysleda certainly had the vision regarding presentation and guided each model accordingly. Anyel needed very little guidance and was more than aware of herself in such a public space. She knew to look slightly up to allow the light to gently illuminate her exquisite features, a true delight with whom to work.

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.

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