Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cami + Joshua Tree, Los Angeles County, California, 2017

This past week was spent out West with some of the most precious women in my life. All have taken part in my photography in the past and continue to honor me with their participation. They ask for nothing in return, and find being sisters to the girls in my work truly heartening. 

Immediately after landing at LAX my first objective was to drive over to Cami's home. She was gracious enough to meet me earlier than planned so that we could explore some new spots. On our way to the dry lake bed, we ran across this scene and stopped immediately.

Southern California is incredibly beautiful, and in this location alone we found a variety of scenes. This tree was the last one photographed before driving away. Rather than standing in front of the tree, Cami was brave enough to try something new and made the difficult climb.

This allowed us to make images from a further distance, and expanded the perspective of our collaboration. Her open mind, and willingness to try something new continues to inspire me. Should she be willing to collaborate next year, and every year after, she can count on me to be at her service as a photographer.

On our way back home, Cami was gracious enough to invite me for a meal at the amazing Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen, "the world's first cajun vegan restaurant." We were treated like royalty by our dear friend Gino, and ended our collaboration for the evening with a delicious meal. This is the kind of person she is, and for whom I am truly grateful.

When in Los Angeles, you will love the food of this spot and can get an idea of it through their website.

Note: This image was made with a Sony RX100M3.