Friday, June 13, 2014

Hands + Kitchen, Refugee Camp, Uttar Pradesh, India, December of 2013

These are the hands that make such beautiful and purposeful structures; these are the hands responsible for feeding the children of these camps. We walked through this camp with the permission of the families, and were kindly allowed to make such images in order to help document their present state as a community. Late last year these people were driven from their villages through sectarian violence, with many seeing violence most of us would be unable to imagine. They have been given land by the surrounding villages and have started the construction of simple mud brick homes.

Witnessing such generosity makes it that much more difficult to conceive of the opposite responsible for its need. The children for the most part carried beautiful smiles, although it was also quite evident to see a deep sense of pain on just as many faces. I hope to return to these camps next year and to see fragile tents replaced by safer homes, worry with hope.

Note: These images were made with a Sony RX100M2, edited for size and contrast only.

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