Monday, May 12, 2014

Claudia + Wind, Santa Maria del Mar, Cuba, Summer of 2013

This was the 370th frame scanned for the upcoming trip to Cuba, out of a little over 1,700. Later this week her scans will be printed, after my work with Anais is finished. These two young girls are peerless, and have their own unique presence in front of the lens. One is a ballerina and photographed from various distances, while the other is a painter and the camera is just unable to pull any further than a meter or so away.

This is her third year with me, well on our path to five years and a book for her 'Quince.' She would rather have such images than the usual pattern. She lives independent of many neighborhood friends, keeps to herself and adores her parents. She is beyond her years yet thrives in the innocence of her youth. She lives in a small house and in a difficult neighborhood, yet carries a smile consistently.

When asked if she'd like to continue working, she finds it difficult to refrain from a smile without equal. She is adored by everyone viewing her images, and the photographer making them.

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