Thursday, February 13, 2014

Advaita + Student, Khar Bas Slum, Alwar, Rajasthan, India, Over the Last Three Months

While my experience with these young girls is firsthand, sometimes those viewing them have very little to go on other than the expressions, the surroundings. In this case, we have a story to go along with them. In my dear friend's words:

'Halim Ina had brought with him Friendship Bands made by a little girl in America for the girls of Bodhivriksha schools. A few bands were tied to girls at the Khar Bas slum by Advaita Roy Verma. Today Advaita took her time from school to visit the Dhobhi ghatta school to tie the bands. Advaita will be visiting the Bodhivriksha schools from time to time to tie the band that were sent with so much love and care.'

I take very little credit for this act other than carrying the bracelets with me, but accept Nirvana's kind words with humility. The  black and white image was made three months ago during my time in Rajasthan, and the color image was just made this week, both of the same girl!

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