Thursday, August 29, 2013

Halim Ina, Global Community Portraits, Cleveland Print Room, Humana People to People India, July 12, 2013

The work comes down on Saturday, but the feeling of this collaboration will continue.  Already it has produced fruit from the people met throughout the six week showing, and my heart is pounding with anticipation as to the possibilities. The good people at the Cleveland Print Room have been nothing but gracious and inspirational, showing me that there are those in this and other communities with an understanding of the work and, more importantly, the people within the work.

Should these images appeal to you as a reader, and perhaps an admirer of photography, then you may feel free to contact me. All proceeds from this collaboration will be forwarded to Humana People to People India to construct five schools for girls in rural villages. I will visit these schools in two or so months and further document the good works of this wonderful foundation.

Fatouma, Bedouin, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

She lives but a few minutes from the city, yet seems to exist in another reality. As the sun rises she wakes up to tend to the sheep, and does the same as the sun sets. In between she helps her mother with chores around the house, and all of this for a girl of less than seven years. Next to the sheep she seems so small, so vulnerable... that is until she has a job to do and directs the sheep. There is a strength that is unmistakable, a confidence that allows her to exist within her difficult circumstances.

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Framed $400
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100% of proceeds going to Schools for Girls in association with
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