Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kylee, The Film Images, El Mirage Lake, Los Angeles, California, September 14, 2012

Scanned just yesterday from the film are images from my collaboration with this most wonderful woman. While the location is certainly essential for these images, it is her insistence that my photographic desires be attended to that makes these images so timeless.

She listened to my wardrobe wishes, and of course provided her input. Instead of just looking through her existing pieces, which of course would have been more than acceptable, she went out of her way to research new wardrobe, and make a purchase or two specifically for our session.

Instead of stopping halfway along our path around the dry lake bed, she allowed me to drive all the way around for the perfect spot. She changed between pieces, stood for hours in the hot sun in the desert, and allowed her hair to be wet and her skin to be covered with mud.

I admire this young spirit, and look forward to further collaborations.

For more of her work, the following link is provided:


Halim Ina Photography

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