Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jenesis, Model, Friend, Studio, Cleveland, Ohio, February 1, 2012

Before she arrives this evening for her session with me, Jenesis allows me to preview her wardrobe through images. Rather than selecting pieces and then advising me of her choices, she listens gently to my request for darker, timeless pieces and organizes her wardrobe to reflect my request.

In this image, Jenesis displays an outfit from her past and tells me the story behind it, giving the image that much more meaning. She moves from one pose to another effortlessly and changes her expressions at the same time. We make images with direct light and also include images like the one above with indirect light.

She arrives early in the evening and stays until early in the morning, going through my portfolio as well as selecting three images for us to print. Rather than being in a hurry to leave after the session, she engages me in a conversation regarding some of the people in my work, showing a sweet sensitivity to their stories.

She selects a print from my portfolio to also take home with her as a gift, and it is a print of a young Cuban girl, a selection made even more fitting due to the physical characteristics shared by both. She sees in herself this young girl and shares her love for her with me.

Her trust in me, and in my work, is exemplary and provides me with a serenity that comes with having photographed a beautiful spirit. We will collaborate once again and soon.
Halim Ina Photography