Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Website to Film, Rajasthan, India, 2007

When looking at Nirvanavan Foundation's website initially, a young girl with very short hair stood out. Her hair was very short even though a bright, orange cloth almost covered it from view. She had a most intense expression and made me want to visit the foundation even more so.

After photographing the students at Advaita Garden, we drove a little bit further to photograph the children in their home environment. We drove past all the children walking home, all smiling knowing that we would be waiting for them. We found a building next to our guest's home and set the equipment up on the safe roof.

One by one they went home, changed into their traditional clothes and climbed onto the roof. All of a sudden, she showed up. She was missing earlier from the school and my mind had almost forgotten her. Here she was, with her hair a little bit longer and with the same cloth covering it.

We made the photograph, taking her expression from the website and translating it onto film.

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